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I am going to memorize 10,000 digits of Pi. I started around June 7. At that time I had memorized 100 digits. By now (4th of July, 2008 ) I have done 1,300. I don’t always have time to spend on it so there are periods when I don’t do much.

Here are some dates

July 1 – 1,000
July 2 – 1,100
July 3 – 1,300

This diagram shows my progress. I will show an updated diagram in my regular reports under See my progress here where the curve is much higher.

1,300 done


I do this in order to test my new memorization method, and to see if I can meet the challenge. It takes about 30 minutes for me to memorize 100 digits.

This memorization technique allows me to tell what digit is found at a given position, so if you ask me what digit is on position 753 then I will be able to tell. It is an 8. The first digit in Pi (the 3) is position 0, and the first decimal (the 1) is position 1.

Yesterday was the first day when I had the idea that memorizing 100,000 digits could be possible for me. Previously that has seemed to be totally impossible. I don’t think I will ever try that though. There is a Japanese guy who allegedly memorized around 100,000 digits of Pi.

When I memorize Pi like this, I sometimes realize that it affects my memory in interesting ways. Old memories can come back for example.

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  1. I won’t even ask why. Good luck! If you could do it by Pi Day next year, that would be awesome.

  2. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Good luck! And be sure to treat yourself to a nice dinner at the House of Pies (you’ll like their logo) every 1,000 digits or so, Magnus.

  4. Thank you, yes, their logo is nice 🙂

  5. I must also wish you good luck! Good concept. It’s neat that old memories pop out..

  6. Yeah, subtle things happens. It is quite interesting. And thanks!

  7. Good Luck, and if you fail the first two times, remember that the 3.14159…’th time is the charm !!!

  8. Absolutely!

  9. I wish you the best of luck. Do you hope to make any TV appearances once you have completed the task?

  10. Thanks! I like to show that this is not something you need to be a savant to do. I am convinced that anyone of average intelligence could easily memorize 1,000 digits like this. 10,000 too, but that requires patience. Then whether this kind of memorizing ability is interesting or not and whether it has any practical value is of course a different question, but as a basic research I think it is intriguing.

  11. good luck- i want 2 memorized the first 500 numbers of pi

  12. How’s your progress? Getting to a thousand is a major milestone. Hope it’s going well. I’d like to invite you to register your score on http://www.cow-pi.com. In fact, at a 1000 digits you’d place first in North America, and really high in our world rankings as well.



  13. Hi Ada, thanks for your encouragement and invitation to your site. I reached 3,800 digits more than a year ago, but then I got so much to do that I had to make a pause

    I am still having very much going on here, so the pause continues, but I am planning to take it up again one day, and continue towards 10,000 digits.


  14. Well, it’s good to know you haven’t completely stopped. Keep going!

    When do you expect to be able to restart?

    • Since over a year back I have entered a very busy period of my life, and so far it has only become more busy 🙂 So, I really don’t know right now when I will have time to start this again, but sooner or later I will.

      • Hopefully sooner.

        Must be really busy, having to have stopped for over a year.

  15. can you tell how u memorize pi with your new memorization method

  16. Interesting. I only know 3.14159265358979323846264338327 – but i started last day.

  17. I say the same as “hafisie”, what’s the method?? I want to learn pi fast too!
    Great blogg btw!

  18. How’s it going now? Have you reached 10.000 yet? 🙂

    • No, I haven’t had time to pick it up again, too much other things to do 🙂

  19. I memorized 350 places, and I thought I was good! LOL

  20. That’s quite ambitious. I’m trying to get 1000 by Pi Day 2013.

    • Ok, if you use my method you should be able to do that without any problem. Good luck!

      • Thanks.

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