2,300 digits  –  coming closer to my childhood street

I was asked today if it is becoming more difficult to memorize, now when I have been doing it for a while. I don’t feel any increased burden at all yet, I have had some worries that there will be problems when I have to re-use words (which is happening more and more now), but my experience from re-using them is that it does not lead to any problem, possibly because a word always occurs in combination with 3 other words, it is always 4 words in a group, as a short sequence or micro story, and that seems to make the re-use of words less problematic. But if one story would have 3 words in common with another story, or even just 2 words in common, then I think there could be problems, but that is so far very easy to avoid, since I have so much freedom when selecting the words, and I think this will remain so even when I am up around 10,000 digits.

2,300 digits


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