2,400  –  My childhood street

Todays 100 digits ended up on my childhood street, Tomtebogatan in Stockholm. It had many smal shops when I was a kid, a special shop for buying dairy products, one for flowers and fruit, one for coffe, etc. And they were all close by, on the same street.

Tonight I tried to make my micro stories fit to the places, as usual, most of them in the shops, and also one group of 10 digits at the barber-shop where I used to go. It is now about 45 years ago. That place is still a barber-shop.

Next group of digits I will place in the backyard where I played as a kid. It is small, but since I have so many detailed memories from there I will be able to store another 100 digits there.

Anyway, here is the diagram for today.

2,400 digits


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