Walk extended

I have now extended the walk quite some bit, more precisely up to 450 stations. It now goes from station 0 up to station 449. So all in all it can accommodate 4,500 digits, which is almost half of the digits I want to memorize. So the walk needs to get a bit more than twice as big, but that I will work on a little later, probably when I get closer to filling up what I have now.

Click here to see how the actual walk looks like right now.


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  1. Congratulations. I’ve enjoyed reading about your “journey”. 🙂 Very inspiring.

    I memorized 1000 digits of Pi last year and I use it to count the 1000 stomach crunches I do each day. It’s much more fun to count that way.

  2. Thank you, and interesting way to count, maybe that would be the way for me to start making stomach crunches too 🙂

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