Do I still remember Pi?

Hi everyone. I think it is about time for me to show that I am still around.

I am still very busy and my pause from memorizing Pi will continue for some time more. Recently, however, I did try to remember the digits I already memorized, about a month or so after not having done any memorizing or repetition.

So, do I still remember Pi?

Yes, fairly well. After not having spent a thought on these things for about a month, it was considerably more difficult to remember the words (remember that I am memorizing words, or mnemonics, rather than digits directly), but after some thinking they emerged again, except perhaps about 10 percent of them, which I seemed to have forgotten. So for those I had to look in my notes, and when I saw the mnemonic again I felt “Right! That’s the one” and I could feel that it immediately got quite firmly stuck in my mind again.

So, I am quite satisfied with the method from this point of view too, namely that the percentage lost after a month is not so big, and that it requires very little effort to re-establish lost mnemonics.


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